What Should A Sugar Baby Need Know In a Sugar Daddy Chat Room

sugar daddy chat room

Sugar Daddy Chat Room

A sugar daddy chat room - like e-mail, instant messaging (IM) and online social networks -- are virtual extensions of real-world human interaction. Chat rooms are online spaces where users communicate with one another through text-based messages. It's like a virtual cocktail party, where strangers gather to flirt, argue about just anything like politics and sports, ask for advice, talk about shared hobbies and interests, or simply hang out.

The dating sugar daddy site has become so popular that, according to Match.com, 53% of sugar babies have jumped onto the trend and created their own profiles. But while dating is alive and well, it's important to keep in mind how to stay safe while meeting up with people you don't know very well.

To help you safely embark on your quest for finding that perfect man in a sugar daddy chat room, here are top 10 tips you should know.

#1. Do Your Research

Everyone should know the drill - do a simple Google search before meeting a potential sugar daddy. That doesn't mean become a stalker, that just means make sure you have at least some idea as to who the sugar daddy is before you meet with him. If possible, try to find pictures and see what additional information comes up about the person beyond Facebook and Instagram.

#2. Use a Google Voice Number Instead of Your Own

To take your safety a step further as a sugar baby, get a free Google Voice phone number. With the Google Voice app, you're able to check your calls, voicemails, and messages without giving out your real number. You can also block anyone who comes across a little "sketch". Keep your personal number secure and only for a sugar daddy, you feel comfortable with.

#3. Video Chat With Your Sugar Daddy Before Meeting Him

Today, there are so many ways to video chat with the ability to use FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype and even Facebook for video calls. It's a good idea to get a glimpse of a potential sugar daddy before meeting him. This could also help to reduce the risk of being "catfished" by someone claiming to be someone he is not.

#4. Chat by Phone Before the First Date

Go "old-school" and reach out by phone before your first date with a sugar daddy. Why is this a good idea? Talking by phone allows you to hear your potential sugar daddy and to pick up on certain verbal cues that may be hidden through instant messaging or texts. Additionally, this gives you the chance to feel out the individual better before your first meeting with him.

#5. Don't Give Out Too Much Personal Information Upfront

There is this dating sugar daddy site that offers this important dating safety tip: be careful about the information you share. Don't give out places you normally visit, your family members' locations, your birthday and other personal information so quickly to a sugar daddy. After you and your man get to know each other a little better and feel more comfortable with him, then you can share a little more about yourself.

#6. Don't Meet A Sugar Daddy In a Private Location

The next tip to know as a sugar baby before joining a sugar daddy chat room is to meet up your potential sugar daddy in a public place for the first date or two. You can meet in a place like a restaurant, cafe, skating rink, or another place where there's typically a good crowd. In the event that you feel uncomfortable, there will be other people around who can help.

Additionally, give a family member or friend the opportunity to be present or in the vicinity should something go wrong. As another great tip, if you visit a bar or restaurant, let a bartender or waitress know if things aren't going right on your date through code. Some bars have secret codes like asking for an "Angel Shot" that guests could use to notify a staff member that something's off-key.

#7. Let Someone Else About Your Date With a Sugar Daddy

That brings us to the next tip: let someone else know who your potential sugar daddy is, where you are going when you expect to be home and any other important details. There is this dating sugar daddy site that suggests always doing this in their list of tips for a safe and successful first date in their sugar daddy chat room. It gives you the comfort of knowing someone else knows where you're supposed to be if something goes wrong.

#8. Use The Block Button Feature

If the date between you and the sugar daddy turns sour, you can use the block button feature to block the sugar daddy from further communicating with you. Most sugar daddy chat rooms have this feature to prevent abuse of the chat room by some overzealous sugar daddy.

#9. Choose a nickname that's not sexually suggestive.

When you want to choose a nickname in a sugar daddy chat room, ensure the name you opt for is not sexually suggestive. Also, ensure the nickname you settle for doesn't in any way give away your real name. There are some scam sugar daddies lurking around to defraud unsuspecting sugar babies.

#10. Be aware that sugar daddies expect some things from you.

The sugar daddy dating concept sees young ladies offer their company to wealthy older men in exchange for expensive gifts and a cash allowance to fund their lavish lifestyle. To be a sugar baby that every sugar daddy wants to hang out with, you must possess the following qualities:

  • ● Beauty
  • ● Intellectual
  • ● Supportive
  • ● Wild and adventurous
  • ● Tiger on the bed

Sugar daddy dating is continuing to grow in popularity and constantly evolve. In previous years, websites like eHarmony, Match, and Plenty of Fish, dominated the online dating scene. Now, with mobile apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, sugar daddy dating is transforming to help you find matches easier and faster than before.

As a sugar baby, it's important to know the above tips before joining a sugar daddy chat room.

Lastly, what's your experience like in a sugar daddy chat room? Let us know in the comment section.